Cricket memories with Grandad

Created by Jason 9 months ago

Grandad bought me my cricket bat, which saw some action throughout my secondary school. But my fondest memories of cricket are practising the basics in the village nets at Ketton, with him marking my attempts at bowling out of 10 (rather generously, I imagine), and walking together up the field to measure the distance I could throw the ball.

We also played an old cricket computer game on his laptop, where Grandad would take charge of the batting and I would bowl. Neither of us really cottoned onto the controls, but through much trial and error we eventually guided the Scottish national team to an unlikely victory over Australia, a feat we both took very seriously.

Later, we played instead with a mini cricket bat and ping-pong ball on the carpet in the living room, a 'sport' which he turned out to be far better at than me. Thus, he would gleefully take on the role of Australia and I would be Bangladesh (at the time one of the weakest test sides), destined to be walloped for 500 before being bowled out for 50.