Brian on Wikipedia - another editor’s perspective.

Created by Kevin 9 months ago
On the day of Brian’s funeral, I wanted to add a brief recollection of Brian’s contribution to the most recent Featured Article I’ve worked on. I’d decided I wanted to try to get Sissinghurst Castle Garden up to FA status. Knowing nothing of plants placed me at a disadvantage, but I found an excellent and knowledgable fellow editor from the USA who could fill in the gaps. By early this year, Brian had been unwell for some time and his contribution to the site had inevitably lessened. I was therefore enormously pleased to get a message from him: “I’m not reading many articles these days, but I couldn’t resist this one”. Then, in the kindest, gentlest but rightly critical way, he pointed out where I’d failed to make the article as good as it could be and made hugely valuable suggestions for improvement. In this way, the article was made far better than it would have been without his intervention. And that was the way he worked and how, beyond his own staggering total of FAs, he strove to make Wikipedia the very best it could be for readers worldwide. Those of us who work on Wikipedia know what we have lost with Brian’s death. For those who don’t, just go read one of his articles.  We will miss you, Brian.